Renters Insurance

Do You Need Renters Insurance in Illinois?

Having renter’s insurance isn’t mandated by the state, but your landlord may require it before you are allowed to rent. Whether or not you are required to have it in Chicago, IL, it can still be one of the best safeguards you can get for your belongings and savings. A landlord will typically insure the structure of your unit, but it won’t include things such as damage to your belongings and injuries to guests. If a visitor slips on the stairs and decides to sue, or a fire destroys your stuff, you are the one responsible unless you have renter’s insurance.

Several misconceptions cause people not to get renters insurance. Some think insurance is only available to homeowners, while others believe that renters’ insurance is outside their budget. Renters insurance is designed to protect you as a renter and is affordable, especially when you consider the cost, it would take you to replace all of your belongings. If you live with roommates, it’s best to get your own policy, and then you are able to keep that policy when you move into your own place.

Renters Insurance Coverage in Illinois

A standard policy will cover a few different things. It’s best to speak with an agent at Marvin Sledge Insurance Agency, Inc. to make sure you are covered for everything valuable in your rented space. Renters insurance will cover your personal property and help you replace or repair your stuff if it gets stolen or damaged. The personal liability portion will include legal fees if you are sued by someone injured at your place, or even if you accidentally injure someone away from home. Medical payments coverage helps pay for healthcare costs for those who are injured in your space. The additional living expenses portion will cover extra expenses if your place of residence isn’t habitable after a covered disaster.

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