Motor Home Insurance in Illinois

It is many a retiree’s dream to sell off all the property, pack up into a recreation vehicle, and live on the road. This kind of freedom can come with some perks such as no more electric or gas companies to deal with, no more lawn to chase kids off of, and no more homeowners or renters insurance. Surely, auto insurance is all the motor home needs, right? If only. At the Marvin Sledge Insurance Agency, Inc. of Chicago, IL, we can help you ensure that your dream is real and protected.

Illinois Auto Insurance vs. Motorhome Insurance

Like auto coverage, running a motorized vehicle requires coverage on the roads of Illinois. Also, like auto coverage, there are basic requirements and extra coverages that are options for your peace of mind. For example:

  • Liability Coverage is required and covers damages to others, which were incurred by you.
  • Collision Coverage is additional coverage that will pay the costs to repair damages to your vehicle if in an accident.

Even from here, how you plan to use your motorhome can affect policies that are an option.

  • People living in a motorhome often elect to add Comprehensive coverage to protect from non-collision damages, such as theft or fire.
  • Frequent road trips may make it worth adding Emergency Expense coverage should something place you in need of a hotel or other expenses while out and about.
  • Storage Coverage is ideal for those not living in a motorhome and plan on leaving it alone for the majority of the year.

What is Absolutely Necessary?

The ins and outs of insurance can be complicated. It can be expensive to pad on the policies for the sake of being cautious, but it can be more expensive only to have liability insurance during a major catastrophe. Our professionals at the Marvin Sledge Insurance Agency, Inc. of Chicago, IL can help ensure that you insure your motorhome appropriate to your situation.