Commercial Insurance

Every business owner needs insurance to protect themselves and their employees from unanticipated events. Commercial insurance, also known as business insurance, refers to the collection of coverages that offer protection against financial loss caused by things like a fire, tornado damage, theft, vandalism, and even the untimely death of a key employee. These are the things that you just can't see coming, no matter how savvy a businessperson you are. However, these events can force your Chicago, IL business to close if you don't have insurance.

What is commercial insurance?

Each Illinois business has unique commercial insurance needs. Therefore, each business will have different coverages in their commercial insurance portfolio. This umbrella term includes policies that protect the structure where you have your offices, your fleet of delivery vehicles and cars for your sales force, your key business ideas, and the life of your key employees. Commercial insurance can also include liability insurance to protect you in case someone sues you after slipping and falling on your freshly mopped lobby floor and state-mandated coverages like workman's compensation insurance.

Why your business needs commercial insurance

No matter what size business you have, people depend on you and your business. This includes your family, your employees, and their families, your suppliers, and even the people that run businesses near yours where your employees get their morning coffee and have their dry cleaning done. You may not realize just how many people depend on the financial health of your business. Commercial insurance ensures that your company will still exist, even if it suffers a catastrophe like a fire or a break-in.

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